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Submit a Guest Posts?

Rules & Guidelines of Guest Posting at SEO Tips Advisor.

What’s in it for you?

Get Experience: Gain access to a fresh batch of audience which could be just the traffic you’ve been waiting for.

Get Promoted: Your article will be promoted on the entire platform of SEO Tips Advisor.

Get known: The reader of SEO Tips Advisor will identify your voice and get to know what you have to offer.

Who are our readers?

Our webmaster is up-coming SEO Specialists to intermediate SEO practitioners who are looking to learn more about SEO, SMM and Internet marketing etc.

What are we looking for in a guest posting?

The guest posts we are looking for should cover the latest about SEO in these categories:

  • Latest Updates & Techniques of SEO
  • Website Development & Tricks
  • Google Algorithm Updates
  • Effectiveness
  • Tools

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Your post must be Hand-written. That means it must be written by you and not before published anywhere else, including your own blog & website.
  2. The post should not be about an affiliate program/product or a plug for a company. No reviews, please.
  3. Very Important: Please don’t submit general posts on theory, the kind of posts that can be found everywhere else on the web. Your article should not only be informative, but USABLE. Otherwise, we will immediately refuse your post without warning.

We desire to provide our readers with information that they can practically and immediately implement in their businesses and website.

For example, a generic article on the importance of SEO for your blog will be rejected. But a detailed post on how you use Link building to drive more traffic to your niche blog and the results you’ve seen from it would be a great candidate to be published.

Original, fresh, unique, authentic, current, relevant to our audience – that’s the kind of content we are looking for.

  1. We might need to edit the content (misspellings, grammar, formatting etc.) before publishing it.
  2. We do understand the importance of link love and you should definitely link the article back to your blog. However, we do not tolerate link littering and would not accept links to affiliate products.
  3. Please attach a few pictures of your post.
  4. Please include internal links in your post – good resources, links back to relevant articles on SEO Tips Advisor, etc.
  5. Posts must be in good English.
  6. Posts should be around or more than 500 to 1000 words.
  7. It’s very important that you respond to comments to your published post. The notifications of new comments will be emailed to your email address. The more often you come back to answer the comments, the more discussion you’ll generate, which in turn will encourage more social media sharing, traffic, and exposure.

How soon will you know if your article is approved?

We will make sure to read any posts submitted as soon as possible and will most likely let you know within a day or two if we plan on publishing it. This way you’ll know whether you should start submitting your article to other sites.

How soon will your article be posted?

This will depend on how many articles we already have in the queue to be published. Generally, it should be published as fast as within a week of approval.

Have a question?

Email me at seotipsadvisor@gmail.com


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